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    Language Lab

    A state of the language lab helps students to hone their language skills. Individual PC’s provide opportunities for students to learn LSRW of any language which include Hindi besides English.

    Math Lab

    In order to give our students a hands-on-experience in learning the concepts in Mathematics Math lab has been provided.

    Students learn the basic concepts by doing themselves true the saying ‘I do,I understand’.

    Computer Lab

    As the world is moving towards technology, students are trained towards through the hands on experience in the computer lab. Each student of a class is provided a separate PC for him/her to work and learn. The intricacies of programming is taught on regular basis to all the students.

    Physics Lab

    Physics lab is equipped with all the required devices catering to the needs of the students of all the classes maintaining all the safety precautions.

    Biology Lab

    A well spaced out biology lab adds value to the day to day activities of learning. Through various charts and models displayed students learn the significance of life processes and how they support our life.